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COWS CREAMERY Extra Old Cheddar Recipe has its roots from the Orkney Islands, which is north of Scotland.

COWS CREAMERY EXTRA OLD CHEDDAR is aged for at least two years and is made from the milk of cows from the rolling countryside of Prince Edward Island, by the makers of COWS Ice Cream.

All of our milk comes from small local farms around P.E.I and given that no point on the island is no more than 20 miles or so from the sea, with the salt air and the iron-rich red soil, all these things combine to add flavor and quality to the product.



Formats: 2 x 2.4 kg Bars | 18 x 200g Deli Pack
Aged for at least two years.
Vegetable Rennet Used
All natural
No Colour Added
Made with unpasteurized milk – the milk is gently heated, which preserves the micro-organisms and enzymes in raw milk that give cheddar its characteristic flavour.



Smooth and firm texture with long, complex , rich bodied flavors with a tangy bite at the end.



2014 – World Championship Cheese Contest – Awarded World’s Best Aged Cheddar (1-2 years)
2014 – Canadian Cheese Awards – Awarded Canada’s Best Cheddar
2014 – Canadian Cheese Awards – Awarded Atlantic Canada’s Best Cheddar
2009 – Canadian Cheese Grand Prix – Awarded Canada’s Best Cheddar (1-3 Years)